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Principal Investigators: Alec Bodzin (PI), David Anastasio (co-PI), and Dork Sahagian (co-PI)

Development: Alec Bodzin, David Anastasio, Dork Sahagian, Violet Kulo, Lori Cirucci, Tamara Peffer, Christopher Dempsey, Laura Turner, Ryan McKeon, Denise Bressler, Matt Bennett, Rebekah Simonds, Rico Maderas

Advisory: Alex Wiseman (Lehigh University), Thomas Hammond (Lehigh University), Anita Davis (NASA Landsat Education), Sarah Bednarz (Texas A&M), Eric Smith (Bethlehem Area School District), Rick Amato (Bethlehem Area School District) Courtney Whiteouse (Bethlehem Area School District), Eric Hatch (Bethlehem Area School District), Ron Litner (Bethlehem Area School District)



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