Climate Change - Student Resources


Investigating Weather and Climate with Google Earth:
Weather and Climate.kmz

Earth Systems and Atmosphere
Earth Systems and Atmosphere (PDF)

Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse Gases (PDF)

Planetary Energy Balance
Planetary Energy Balance (PDF)

Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle (PDF)

Investigating Weather with Google Earth:
Investigating Weather.kmz

Geologic Timeline:
Geologic Timeline

Carbon Emissions Calculator:
Carbon Emissions Calculator

Climate Hotspots:
Climate Hotspots.kmz

Future Worlds:
Future Worlds Part1.kmz
Future Worlds Part2.kmz

Carbon Reduction Strategies
Carbon Reduction Strategies (PDF)

More Details about Weather and Climate
What is the Relationship between Climate Change and Weather? (PDF)

More Details about Earth Systems

More Details about the Atmosphere
Are the Increases in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Other Greenhouse Gases During the Industrial Era Caused by Human Activities? (PDF)

More Details about Planetary Energy Balance
What Factors Determine Earth's Climate? (PDF)

More Details about Ozone

More Details about the Greenhouse Effect
What is the Greenhouse Effect? (PDF)

More Details about Carbon in the Atmosphere
How is Precipitation Changing? (PDF)
Has there been a Change in Extreme Events like Heat Waves, Droughts, Floods and Hurricanes? (PDF)
Do Projected Changes in Climate Vary from Region to Region? (PDF)

More Details about Paleoclimatology
How are Temperatures on Earth Changing? (PDF)

More Details about Global Paleogeography
What Caused the Ice Ages and Other Important Climate Changes Before the Industrial Era? (PDF)
Is the Current Climate Change Unusual Compared to Earlier Changes in Earth's History? (PDF)
How do Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change and How do They Compare with Natural Influences? (PDF)
Is the Amount of Snow and Ice on the Earth Decreasing? (PDF)

More Details about Carbon Reduction Strategies
Is Sea Level Rising? (PDF)
How Reliable Are the Models Used to Make Projections of Future Climate Change? (PDF)
Are Extreme Events, Like Heat Waves, Droughts or Floods, Expected to Change as the Earth's Climate Changes? (PDF)
How Likely are Major or Abrupt Climate Changes, such as Loss of Ice Sheets or Changes in Global Ocean Circulation? (PDF)
If Emissions of Greenhouse Gases are Reduced, How Quickly do Their Concentrations in the Atmosphere Decrease? (PDF)