GIS Storm Sewers Unit

GIS Storm Sewers Unit is a technology-embedded middle school geography unit designed for the 7th grade technology class curriculum at Broughal Middle School. The curricular unit uses a “driving scenario problem” to promote student investigations of a South Bethlehem flooding problem. Students learn surveying skills with handheld Global Positioning devices – GPS, gather storm sewer placement data, and produce a GIS [Geographic Information Systems] display in Arc Explorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) of the sampled area. Students analyze their collected storm sewer data with AEJEE and investigate patterns of storm sewers placements. They also apply spatial analysis skills to design a solution to place sewers in an unsurveyed portion of South Bethlehem.

GIS Storm Sewers Unit was designed using the Understanding by Design framework and is aligned to national technology and geography standards. The materials have been pilot-tested and field-tested in 7th grade technology classrooms at Broughal Middle School, a technology-rich urban school. The materials can be adapted for other schools in urban settings.

Unit Instructional Framework - Click here to access the unit instructional framework. Includes the enduring understandings, essential questions, and acceptable evidence for learning.

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